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Stichting Art Center Antriol

The Art Center Antriol Foundation is a non-profit organization passionately committed to promoting art and culture on the Island in its fullest form. SACA (Stichting Art Center Antriol) is committed to support the arts in the broadest way possible.

The art center is the place where heritage, culture, contemporary art, performance arts, good food, music and fashion meet. With a new perspective on how the Island can develop without surrounding itself by tourism but yet indulging in what is now, what was then and what is the future. By giving opportunities to learn and experience and create together. Nothing is set in stone, its an invitation to create more together. Through education, exhibition and public outreach programming the center aims to do different and set a new standard on developing art and culture.

“Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens” so lets start together. 

Beautiful Location

With its flowing unique inner garden, based on the flow of the Island and its waves, the amphitheater sets the tone for many lovely nights to come. The greenery has yet to find its base in the new surrounding and soon supports the flowing scenery. While the exhibition is created to host a diversity of exhibits and artists. With love for the Island the founders have restored the old abandoned house at Kaya Korona while embedding it in architecture that reflects their fantasy.

Be Welcome

During the day the garden is open for all public to visit and so they hope to create new meet ups. Opposite the exhibition spaces there is ZARA's restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.