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Art  shows 2024

SACA launches its first Open Call with a theme for artists and creatives on Bonaire. Residents of Bonaire who are temporary abroad can particpate too. We hope to receive a lot of interesting artworks to make a great exhibition.

Solo exhibition Jozee Tjoa


"As an abstract painter I enjoy the freedom to express my feelings of being in nature".

Jozee Tjoa makes abstract mixed media paintings using acrylic paint and different materials such as collage paper, that she makes herself,  crayons and pencils. Through intuitive mark making and layering paint the work develops overtime, working on several pieces simultaneously. Being in the process of making and discovering makes her happy. The viewer can find many details and hopefully feel some nature's tranquility. Jozee is Dutch and currently living on Bonaire.

Solo exhibition Alied Lippinkhof

13 April till 12 May in the Front Gallery

The contemporary figurative paintings by Alied Lippinkhof are inspired by the vibrant effect of reflections of sunlight on the human form submerged just below the surface of our beautiful turquoise waters. Since a GoPro camera was gifted to her by her late husband she photographed her daughters and friends in the crystalline waters surrounding Bonaire.  Ribbons of fractured light, air bubbles and the calming experience of freedom were translated in acrylic and oil paint on large canvases for the "Waterworks" collection. Alied is a self taught artist, as a small child she already loved to draw and paint.  She's living on the island for over 28 years and has her shop Bonaire Affairs where her other paintings and prints find their way to many visitors.

Solo exhibition Adrie van de Ven

16 March till 29 April in the Piano Gallery

Artist Adrie van de Ven, born in The Netherlands, was a primary school teacher with specialization in drawing and history. He has been teaching in The Netherlands and on Bonaire.  He has been teaching Art at secondary school on the island till his retirement in 2022. Meanwhile Adrie followed many art classes such as screen printing, portrait, photography and etching. Arriving on Bonaire in 1992 for the first time he was overwhelmed by the amazing vibrant colours of the island as well it's flora and fauna. Starting painting colourful iguana's and flamingo's, recently his work changed into vibrant colourful abstraction. You can enjoy his new abstract paintings in his solo exhibition.

Music event  7 March

Jerónimo Maya is a direct descendant from the guitarist Ramon Montoya and his strong Flamenco roots. His playing is full of personality, character and virtuosity. He shared the stage with many famous artists such as Paco de Lucia, Camarón de la Isla and Sabicas to name a few.

José Córdoba "Moskito" made his professional debut at the age of 14 with pianist Chano Dominquez. Since then he has accompanied artists such as Antonio Rey, Diego del Morao, Vincente Amigo among many others.

Solo exhibition Whatside Archive

24 February till 8 April in The Front Gallery

Dillon Rannou is a talented young artist born on the  island of Bonaire. His unique and captivating paintings are characterized by their abstract style and innovative approach to generation way painting. Drawing inspiration from his island home, Dillon's works are intertwined with the essence of Bonairean life, capturing the vibrant colours, patterns and textures of the local landscape and culture. Whether depicting scenes from the natural world or abstract forms that evoke emotion and feeling, Dillon's art is always attuned to the rhytms and energies of the island and its people. Through his paintings he invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and wonder of Bonaire, and to experience its magic for themselves.

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Duo exhibition  Hilma Koelman and Jozee Tjoa

17 December till 21 February 2024  in the Piano gallery

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Hilma Koelman is a Dutch painter who intuitively expresses emotions through abstract paintings. While her art occasionally depicts hints of seascape and flowers, she moves away from reality to reach a sense of feel. Hilma is working and living on Curaçao.

Jozee Tjoa is an abstract painter living and working on Bonaire. Her colourful paintings are inspired by her natural surroundings, as the Caribbean Sea and tropical flora and fauna on the island, it's about a feeling being in nature. Her paintings are never planned in advance, it's a intuitive process of discovering through intuitive mark making and layering paint and mixed media. It's balancing between letting go and taking control, a balance between instinct and analysis. You will discover every time new details in her work every time you take a closer look.

Solo exhibition Eric Cremers

17 December till  21 February 2024  in the Front gallery


In the Front gallery Eric Cremers will show a variety of his artworks. Eric is living and working as an artist on Bonaire since 2012. He has been an art teacher for 28 years in The Netherlands but working since 2010 as a full time artist. His fascination of housing and living forms that he has seen during countless journeys around the world was the start for his well known "Habitats" artworks. 

Art shows 2023

Group exhibition opening

October 27,   The center will be officially open with it's two big gallery spaces.

A new group exhibition is made with artists from Bonaire. 


Henrieke Vaandering
Jozee Tjoa
Henk Roozendaal

Soft Opening

July 6,   The center will start testing its space, restaurant and one exhibit space are open. We welcome you into the beautiful courtyard surrounded by art. During this soft opening several artists will show their works in a nice gallery space. This exhibition can be enjoyed during opening times of the restaurant.


Dillon Rannou
Renske Herder
Jozee Tjoa
Henk Roozendaal